Dash Robot Kits

Learn to code with a fun robot named Dash!

Surrey Libraries is proud to lend Dash Robot Kits. Download free apps onto your mobile device to activate the robot and to start having fun. Explore Dash’s sounds, lights, and movements and complete hundreds of coding adventures to learn creative problem-solving. You do not need any previous coding experience to play with Dash.

Borrow a Dash Robot Kit

You can borrow a Dash Robot Kit for free using your library card at any branch of Surrey Libraries. 

Borrow Now

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You need to have a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with Bluetooth and Internet access to connect to the Dash robot.

Dash Robot Kit Contents

Please remember to return all pieces of the kit, including:

  • 1 Dash robot and 1 charging cable
  • 1 bulldozer bar and 1 tow hook
  • 2 bunny ears and 1 bunny tail
  • 1 pack challenge cards

Getting Started with Dash

  1. Charge the Dash robot
    • It takes 90 minutes to charge Dash 
    • The power button will light up and blink while charging and turn off when fully charged
    • You can play with Dash for 3 hours before charging it again
  2. Download the free apps onto your mobile device
  3. Use the apps to connect Dash to your mobile device
    • Turn on Dash and activate Bluetooth and Location Services on your mobile device
    • Open apps and follow the prompts to connect Dash to your mobile device
    • When you connect Dash to your mobile device, the robot might need updates that can take between 30 seconds and 5 minutes to complete
  4. Now you are ready to play and explore!

Dash Care Instructions

  • Play with Dash on the floor
  • Play with Dash inside only
  • Keep Dash dry and away from liquids of all kinds
  • Keep Dash in the case when you are not playing with it
  • Hold Dash at the bottom with two hands when you pick it up

Helpful Resources

Explore these links to learn more about Dash and to find technical support if you have questions about how the robot works:

A special thank you to our donors for helping to make STEM technology and learning accessible for all children in Surrey.

By using devices provided by Surrey Libraries along with their associated software or apps the user accepts responsibility for the device and uses the device at their own risk. Surrey Libraries is not responsible for any damage or loss of data while using loanable devices.