Make It Digital

The Guildford Computer Learning Centre offers resources to convert analog audio/visual material into digital files.

Library staff can give a basic orientation to software and hardware involved, but digitization of materials is to be done independently.

Come to one of Guildford’s Technology Help drop-ins to follow our training guide with support from staff. 

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Formats supported

Other video formats can be digitized if you bring your own camera to play them (ex. Hi8, MiniDV).


  • Video digitization with Elgato Video Capture
  • Photos, films and slides with Epson Scan

Digitizing From Home

We also have kits to borrow so you can digitize audio or video in the comfort of your home. For audio cassettes we have ION Tape Express Digital Converter kits. For video cassettes we have Elgato Video Capture Digital Converter Kits. Your own computer is needed, but the kits are easy to use. Please note that if you want to digitize video at home with our kit, you’ll need your own VCR or camcorder to play your tapes.



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