Fines & Fees

Borrowing is free. If materials are returned lost, or damaged, fees may be charged to your account. Overdue fines are currently suspended.

Fines for Overdue Materials

Borrowing is free. Overdue fines are currently suspended.

While overdue fines are currently suspended, you are responsible for overdue fines, lost or damaged charges generated before the closure in March 2020. 

Exception: No late fines are charged on kids and teens materials borrowed on a kids’ card (ages 0-11). Note that all cardholders, including children, will be billed for borrowed material that is not renewed or returned after 38 days past the due date. After this time, late materials will be considered lost and replacement costs plus administration fee will be charged to the account. If a lost item is returned, the lost and admin fees will no longer be on your account. Charges still apply for damaged materials.

  Per day,
per item
per item
Hardcover Books, CDs, Energy Meters & Audio Video Converter Kits    
  Adult $ .30 $10.00
  Kids and Teen $ .10 $5.00
Softcover Books, Paperbacks, Magazines    
  Adult $ .30 $5.00
  Kids and Teen $ .10 $3.00
Book Club Kits $1.00 $10.00
Storytime Kits $1.00 $10.00
eReaders $1.00 $10.00
DVDs, Special Loans e.g. Reference loans    
  Adult $1.00 $10.00
  Kids and Teen $ .50 $5.00
DVD or Book Superloans (Junior & Adult) $1.00 $10.00
InterLibrary loans $2.00 $10.00
Dash Robot Kits $1.00 $10.00


  • Non-pick-up charge for holds is currently suspended
  • Maximum amount owing in overdues before stop/block on customer record: $20.00
  • Fines are set as adult and junior (includes kids’ and teen materials), as determined by material type. 
  • No late fines are charges on kids and teen material borrowed on kids’ cards (ages 0-11).
  • Accessibility Services customers may be exempt from fines and lost or damaged charges.
  • Cards are updated annually. All outstanding fines and charges must be paid at that time. Outstanding fines and charges must also be paid on expired cards before the card can be renewed.
  • Parents & Guardians are responsible for any fines, fees and charges on their child’s account (ages 0-18).

Charges For Lost or Damaged Materials

The fee for a lost or damaged item is the price listed in the library record. The library does not accept replacement copies for lost or damaged materials. Wet items are considered damaged. Overdue fines are currently suspended. In addition to the item replacement cost, a handling fee is charged on all lost or damaged items.

Handling fee – catalogued items $8.00
Handling fee – uncatalogued items & magazines $5.00
eReader (Handling & Replacement) $175.00
Dash Robot Kit (Handling & Replacement) $335.00
Storytime kit  (Handling & Replacement) $300.00
Damage Fees – Minor Damage $3.00
Damage Fees – Barcode/RFID TAG Replacement $1.00
Compact Disc Case $2.00
DVD Case $1.00
Loose-leaf CD Album Case $3.25
Audiobook Cases (range by size)  
  1-6 Disc Case $2.00
  1-8 Disc Case $3.00
  1-12 Disc Case $3.50
  1-16 Disc Case $4.50
  1-24 Disc Case $10.00