Adventure is calling you summer 2019!

Thank you for joining us for Teen Summer Adventure! It is now closed as of September 4th, 2018. Stay tuned for Teen Summer Adventure 2019!

Are you thinking about what to do with all your free time this summer? Do you like going on adventures? Do you want to win some neat stuff and make new friends?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, the Teen Summer Adventure is for you! We’ve got the winning formula to banish boredom.

All you have to do is:

  1. Pick up a Curious Codex at your local library branch;
  2. Register your name and preferred contact info with a library staff member;
  3. Complete adventures in the Curious Codex that appeal to you;
  4. Come back to the library to get your adventures signed off and earn tickets that go toward weekly and grand prize draws.

It’s that simple.   

So join our adventure. Pick up a Teen Summer Guidebook and see where it takes you!

Prize Information

Weekly prizes will be given out by each Surrey Libraries branch. Prizes include but are not limited to:

  • gift cards to Tim Hortons or Starbucks
  • gift cards to Chapters or Black Bond Books
  • awesome teen reads
  • stationery
  • candy

Grand Prize Information

There are a total of twelve grand prizes up for grabs this summer. One of them could be yours! Each grand prize is a $50.00 Chapters gift card.


Why do you ask for my contact information? What do you do with it?

  • We want your name, grade, email, and phone number so that we can contact you if you win a prize. We will not share your contact details with anyone, and they are stored securely.

I got an email that I won a prize. Where do I pick it up?

  •  You can pick up your prize at the library where you registered for TSA. Please check the email or phone message left by library staff to confirm the location of your prize.

When is the last day I can pick up my prize?

  • The last day for you to pick up a TSA prize is Tues. Oct. 9th, 2018.

How do I submit my picture for an email challenge?

  • You can attach your photo to your email and send it to Please remember to give us your Curious Codex ID so we know who is sending us the challenge. You will automatically be added to prize draws for your email challenges.

Help! I lost my Curious Codex. What do I do?

  • Fear not! Please visit your local library branch to get a replacement copy. We keep track of how many tickets you have already earned, so all you have to do is try (to the best of your ability) to tick off the challenges you completed, and continue your summer adventure from there.

Can I get my adventures checked off by a library branch different from the one where I registered?

  •  Yes. You can visit any Surrey Public library branch to have your adventures checked off by a library staff member, and earn the number of tickets collected by the adventures you completed.

Can I have more than one Curious Codex?

  • No, once you are registered, you can only use one Curious Codex.

I have some ideas on how you can improve Teen Summer Adventure. Who do I tell?

  • Thanks for wanting to make the TSA better! Please submit your comments by filling out our Teen Summer Adventure survey, which you can pick up at any library branch between Aug. 1st and Aug. 31st.  Join the TLC and you can design next year's Teen Summer Adventure! 

Questions about Teen Summer Adventure? Email us!