Imagine the Possibilities!

Kids of all ages can join the summer reading club to earn stickers and a super reader medal by reading this summer! It's free to join, and even younger kids can join and listen to stories.

Starts June, 2020.

How to join the summer reading club:

  1. Come into any library location to sign up and get your reading record
  2. Read all through the summer, mark the days you read on your reading record.
  3. Come back to the library after you've read 7 days (or longer) and collect a sticker for your reading record.
  4. Collect all 7 stickers for your reading record (49 days of reading), and earn a super reader medal!

What can I read?

Kids can read books, comics, or listen to stories. Read at home, on vacation, or anywhere! Each day marked as 'read' should be 15 minutes or more of reading.

What are the benefits?

Summer Reading Club helps children succeed

Summer Reading Club is a way for children of all ages to stay connected during the summer school break. This annual program at public libraries across B.C. is highly anticipated by children and families. By accessing these free programs, activities and resources, children can:

Grow literacy skills
Research shows children who participate in Summer Reading Club make significant gains in
reading comprehension.¹

Increase reading levels
Summer Reading Club helps children raise their reading levels by the time they return to school. This is especially the case for at-risk children.²

Enjoy reading and prevent 'summer brain drain'
Children enjoy reading more with Summer Reading Club, and research has shown this means they are less likely to experience ‘summer learning loss.’ ³

Better prepare for the new school year
Children who participate in Summer Reading Club begin the new school year with a positive attitude about reading and are more confident in the classroom.

These are only a few of the ways children benefit from Summer Reading Club at their local library, and research shows the benefits are even greater for English language learners and children at risk.

Supporting B.C.'s new curriculum
In addition to fostering a love for reading, Summer Reading Club supports and complements the core competencies in B.C.’s new curriculum. By providing space and time, children can develop their skills and explore their passions and interests. Children can also experience language and story as a source of creativity and joy. When children tap into their curiosity, this wonder can lead them to new discoveries about themselves and the world.


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