Find emergency shelter or a safe place to stay.

BC211 Shelter List
Tel: 211 
Provides a list of available shelter beds. A good place to start if you are looking for emergency accommodations.  You can either call 211 or check the website for available beds. Updated twice a day around 11:30am and 7:30pm. Can also text 211 with the city your are in for information.

All Nations Youth Safe House (ANYSH)
Tel: 604-584-2625 
Youth (15-18 years) shelter with 1 to 30-day emergency stay. Goal oriented program. Plans reviewed weekly to determine a need for extension (up to 30 days). Residents have a worker who assists in developing an individualized plan of daily goals to secure housing. Daily meals, access to a computer and phone, & housing and job search forms. A low risk facility.

Arbour House 2nd Stage Transition House (YWCA) 
Tel: 604-282-3113
Transition housing for women and children fleeing abuse from their intimate partner. Eight fully-furnished suites with a 9 month stay. On site support from staff four days per week for emotional support, advocacy, court accompaniments, housing search etc.

Atira Women’s Resource Society
Tel: 604-681-4437
Housing for women along with other services. Atira offers both short term shelter and transition longer stay supportive options services. Also offers programs for children who have witnessed abuse and  parenting programs.

Ama House (Atira)
Tel: 604-542-5992
Ama Transition House is available to women 55+ only and offers advocacy, referrals and one-on-one support.

Durrant House (Atira)
Tel: 604-531-9151
A first-stage transition house staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff provides emotional support, referrals and resource information, advocacy, court and other accompaniments, parenting support, harm reduction etc.

Koomseh 2nd Stage Housing (Atira)
Tel: 604-501-9294
Koomseh provides supportive housing to 11 women and their children who have been impacted by abuse suffered in intimate relationships.

Maxxine Wright Place (Atira)
Tel: 604-580-2915
The Maxxine Wright Place serves women who are pregnant and/or have a newborn or are early parenting and need a safe place to stay. Women can access the shelter at any point during their pregnancy, and potentially stay until their baby is 6 months old. Have child care and health clinic for prenatal health. Also offer second stage housing program.

Shimai Transition House (Atira)
Tel: 604-581-9100
A first-stage transition house for women and their children escaping abuse. Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff provide emotional support, referrals and resource information, advocacy, court accompaniment, parenting support and on-site non-medical detoxification.

Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver
Tel: 604-520-1166
Offers a range of supports for women, especially those involved in the criminal justice system. Have a range of housing  supports including two shelters in Surrey, Cynthia's Place and Sheena's Place.

Cynthia's Place
Surrey, BC
Tel: 604-582-2456 or 604-520-1166  
Single women and mothers with children. Low barrier shelter. Harm reduction.

Sheena’s Place
Surrey BC
Tel: 604-581-1538
Single women or with children. Also open for transgender individuals.  1 family per room; singles share. Low barrier shelter. Laundry facilities available.

Foxglove Supported Housing and Shelter
9810 Foxglove Drive Surrey
Tel: 604 589-0496
98 Supportive Housing units (96 studio suites and 2-one bedroom suites). Also offers 31 shelter units and one respite unit with three non-binary designated shelter units. Supportive housing and shelter units include laundry facilities and a meal program. 24 hour/7 day a week support staff with access to a medication program, overdose prevention services, Indigenous cultural and Peer supports.

Ishtar Transition Housing Society
#101 – 6350 – 203rd St. Langley BC V2Y1L9 (Office)
Tel: 604-534-1011 or crisis line 604-530-9442
Provides safe space for women and their children leaving abusive relationships or the risk of violence. Also provides counselling, victim services, and other supports for women and children. Two transition houses in the Langley and Aldergrove areas. 

Lookout Society
Tel: 604-255-0340 or Mobile Outreach: 604-589-4746
Large social service organization that has 51 housing sites across the Lower Mainland. This includes the Gateway, Guildford and Parkway shelters but also other transitional housing and permanent supportive housing. These sites can be applied to directly, and there are application forms and further details on Lookout’s website.

Gateway Shelter
10667- 135 A St, Surrey BC V3T 4E3
Tel: 604-589-7777
40 bed shelter for those 19+ years old. Supervised by staff during rest times, it offers separate ladies and men’s sleeping areas with washrooms. Locking storage and coat racks are available for use.  On site laundry, shower facilities, free coffee, phone and daily meals for those staying at the shelter. Also has an integrated housing program for people staying at the  shelter. The program can help with ID replacement, housing searches,  assistance applications, advocacy, referrals to other agencies  and other things.

Guildford Shelter
14716 104 Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3R 1M3
Tel: 778-293-0889
40 bed shelter. 19+, allows pets and has space for couples. Daily meals for those staying at the shelter. Also has an integrated housing program for people staying at the shelter. The program can help with ID replacement, housing searches, assistance applications, advocacy, referrals to other agencies and other things. Phone staffed 24/7.

Parkway Shelter
#104 – 10660 City Parkway, Surrey B.C., V3T 4C7
Tel: 604-582-0408
Low barrier shelter. Daily meals and snacks. Also has an integrated housing program for people staying at the  shelter. The program can help with ID replacement, housing searches,  assistance applications, advocacy, referrals to other agencies  and other things.  

Nisa Homes
Surrey BC
Tel: 1-888-456-8043  ext. 402
Transitional home for immigrant, refugee and Muslim women and their children who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Also a safe haven for women experiencing domestic violence.

Options Shelters
​Mobile Outreach Worker: 604-765-6751
Operates two shelters in the Cloverdale and Newton areas.

Bill Reid Place
17752 Colebrook Road Surrey, BC  V3S 0L5
Tel: 604-574-4341
Low-barrier shelter with 16 temporary beds for men and women 19+. Open 24 hours with all meals provided.  Also offers laundry, housing workers and drug and alcohol referrals. Pet friendly. 

Hyland House
6595 King George Highway, Surrey BC
Tel: 604-599-8900 
Mobile Outreach Worker: 604-765-6751
Provides a 35 bed emergency shelter. 20 units of supported housing for people needing help in achieving and maintaining independence. Also provides outreach to people who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or difficult to house. 19+ years old. 

Options Transition Houses (Evergreen & Virginia Sam)
Tel: 604-584-3301 (Evergreen)   604-572-5116 (Virginia Sam)
Transition house for women who have experienced abuse and their children. Offers temporary accommodation, support, basic counselling, advocacy, child and youth care workers, safety planning, help securing housing, and referrals.

Surrey Urban Mission
10776 King George Blvd Surrey, BC V3T 2X7
Tel:  604-581-5172
Breakfast and lunches for the general public, and a nightly meal for shelter guests. Main shelter is first come first serve. Once you have secured a bed, it will be kept for you until you no longer return. Shelter support workers are on site 7 days a week to help guests transition into housing, gain ID, and access medical services. Also have the Cove and Olive Branch shelters that include an overdose prevention site, laundry, showers and other services.

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