Find low cost for free community meals and cooking clubs in Surrey.

Alexandra Neighbourhood House

2916 McBride Avenue, Surrey BC (get directions to the Alexandra Neighbourhood House)
Registration preferred. Monthly lunch is offered every second Wednesday. Cash-only. The cost is $15 ($12 for members). If unable to pay due to financial hardship, please speak to staff.  
Learn more about the Alexandra Neighbourhood House.

Cloverdale Community Kitchen

5337 180 Street, Surrey BC (get directions to the Cloverdale Community Kitchen)
Community meal Monday to Friday at 6pm. Have a number of other services such as Mobile Meal Delivery, Temporary Shelter, Christmas Hamper, and Food Bank. 
Learn more about the Cloverdale Community Kitchen.

Food Skills for Families  
Connecting people in the kitchen, teaching hands-on cooking skills and making healthy eating, grocery shopping and cooking easy, quick and fun. A ‘hands-on’ skill-building program developed by dietitians and educators. Participants learn how to make healthy meals and how to make healthier snack and beverage choices while gaining confidence in the kitchen. 
Learn more about the Food Skills for Families.

Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre

A101 - 10095 Whalley Boulevard, Surrey BC (get directions to the Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre)
Offer a range of programs for all ages. Many programs, including culture nights, have meals or refreshments.
Learn more about the Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre.

Gateway of Hope (OFFERS DAILY MEALS)

5787 Langley Bypass, Langley BC (get directions to the Gateway of Hope)
Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm. Every day of the week. Serving three (3) meals per day to our shelter guests and one (1) meal per day to the public, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Learn more about the Gateway of Hope.

King's Banquet Soup Kitchen @ Star of the Sea

15262 Pacific Avenue, White Rock BC (get directions to the Star of the Sea)
A dining in nutritious dinner on Tuesdays from 4 - 6 pm. Families welcome and provided with special seating. Donations welcomed & appreciated, but not expected.
Learn more about King’s Banquet Soup Kitchen @ Star of the Sea.

NightShift Street Ministries

Surrey: 10635 King George Boulevard, Surrey BC (get directions to Nightshift Surrey)
Langley: 5708 Glover Road, Langley BC (get directions to Nightshift Langley)
Outreach locations in Surrey and Langley include a hot meal and additional support to the community’s vulnerable citizens on the street that include free haircuts, street-level nursing, drop-in recovery.  

  • The meal service is available from 7 - 8 pm every night of the year in Surrey, and Monday through Thursday evenings at 7pm in Langley.  
  • Weekday afternoons (Monday – Friday) from 2 – 4 pm, a drop-in program at the Surrey location invites vulnerable individuals to come in off the street to enjoy a hot coffee, a snack and relax. 

Learn more about the NightShift Street Ministries.

Peace Portal Alliance

15128 27B Avenue, Surrey BC (get directions to the Peace Portal Alliance)
Community dinner every Wednesday from 5pm - 6pm.
Learn more about Peace Portal Alliance.

Sikh Gurdwaras

Local Gurdwaras (temples) offer free meals and all are welcomed.

Sources – Women’s Place

15318 20 Avenue, Surrey BC (get directions to the Sources – Women’s Place)
For women and their children. Drop-in services including a nutritious and tasty hot lunch, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 11:30 - 1 pm. Clothing is available Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am – 2pm. Also offer laundry and shower facilities by appointment and a wide range of other supports for women. 
Learn more about the Sources Women’s Place.

Surrey Schools Feeding Futures Meal Programs

Provide simple nutritious meals to students in need so that they can concentrate on learning. Breakfast Club participation is by invitation so contacting your child’s school is the best way to learn more. Lunch Programs are offered in some elementary and secondary schools. 
Learn more about the Surrey Schools Meal Programs.

Surrey Urban Mission (OFFERS DAILY MEALS)

10776 King George Boulevard, Surrey BC (get directions to the Surrey Urban Mission)
Community Meals are served at the Surrey Welcome Hub (anybody from the community is welcome to come for a meal) Breakfast: 8:00AM Lunch: 12:00PM 
Learn more about the Surrey Urban Mission.

Young Families’ Stepping Stones Program

Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church: 9165 160 Street, Surrey BC (get directions to the Young Families’ Stepping Stones Program)
Bake muffins to snack on and bring home. Guest speakers from the community on topics such as parenting, budgeting, community resources, relationships, self-care and more. Free childminding for your children. Rides available on a first-come first-serve basis.
Learn more about the Young Families’ Stepping Stones Program.

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