Access World Newspapers and Magazines via PressReader

Access PressReader

*Please note, if you access the Globe and Mail pilot, you may need to clear your browser cache for Press Reader to show the full range of publications.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Click the three-dot icon in the top right
  2. Mouse over 'More Tools'
  3. Click 'Clear browsing data' and follow the prompts

Globe and Mail Access from Home Pilot

Eligible Surrey cardholders can read the Globe and Mail from home via PressReader.

Access the Globe and Mail from Home Pilot

Please use the button above to access the Globe and Mail from home. We have 70 seats available daily starting at 7:30. There is no access or paper edition on Sundays.
Once you finish reading the Globe and Mail and leave the publication to view other Pressreader papers, your session will expire.