Battle of the Books


This summer vote to pick Surrey's favourite teen novel. 

We started with a 32 title long list. We've narrowed it down to 16 titles for your consideration. Each week vote on four titles until we narrow it down to a winner at the end of the summer.

Voting starts June 23. Each week there will be a new combination of books to pick from.

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Week 5 Competitors

Each week we have two pairs of books to vote on. 

Bracket One

Family Style Book Cover

Family Style: Memories of an America from Vietnam – Thien Pham

Thien's first memory isn't a sight or a sound. It's the sweetness of watermelon and the saltiness of fish. It's the taste of the foods he ate while adrift at sea as his family fled Vietnam. After the Pham family arrives at a refugee camp in Thailand, they struggle to survive. Things don't get much easier once they resettle in California. And through each chapter of their lives, food takes on a new meaning. Strawberries come to signify struggle as Thien's mom and dad look for work. Potato chips are an indulgence that bring Thien so much joy that they become a necessity. Behind every cut of steak and inside every croissant lies a story. And for Thien Pham, that story is about a search-- for belonging, for happiness, for the American dream.

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Woman covered with flowers. Text: Belladonna

Belladonna - Adalyn Grace

Nineteen-year-old orphan Signa Farrow confronts Death--and her own deathly powers--when she investigates the mysterious murder of a relative at the Thorn Grove estate.

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Bracket Two

The Search for Us Cover

The Search for Us – Susan Azim Boyer

Samira Murphy is caring for her widowed grandmother, and trying to get her older brother into recovery for alcohol addiction. With attendance at her dream college on the line, she takes a long shot DNA test to find the support she so desperately needs from a father she hasn't seen since she was a baby. Henry Owen is torn between his unreliable bio-mom and an overly strict aunt and uncle who stepped in to raise him. He takes a DNA test to find the biological father he never knew. Matched to each other, Samira and Henry search for their father together, and slowly unravel the difficult truth of their shared past.

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I Kick and Fly Book Cover

I Kick and I Fly by Ruchira Gupta

"On the outskirts of the red-light area in Bihar, India, Heera is living on borrowed time until the day her father decides to sell her into the sex trade to repay his loans. It is, as she's been told, the fate of all women in Girls Bazaar to end up there. But what if she can learn to fight back against 'fate'? When a local hostel owner presents her with the opportunity to practice kung fu, Heera begins to learn that her body isn't an object to be preyed upon, but a vessel through which she can protect herself. She will face unimaginable barriers -- expulsion from school, the unapologetic forces of nature, and a local trafficker who won't take his sights off her. But fate can change, and heroics are contagious. As Heera starts to piece together the whereabouts of a missing friend through a pen pal in the United States, and a competition takes her to New York, the desire to ensure her friend's survival might just lead her to make the ultimate risk" -- Page 2 of cover.

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