Discover, connect, inspire: Surrey Libraries Takeout will help make it happen!

Surrey Libraries patrons can now schedule a time to pick up library materials (books, DVDs, Summer Reading Club materials, etc.) and existing holds from library branches in each of Surrey’s 6 town centres.

Place An Order

How does it work?

1. Request materials (10 item limit; some exceptions for children’s books) using one of these methods:

Online: complete the form and submit

Phone: call your branch during Takeout hours and connect with staff

Note: items available for pick-up are limited to those items located in each branch.

2. Takeout requests will be processed in the order received. Staff will email or call you to discuss your request and arrange a pick-up time. While we will work to make this process as quick as possible, we appreciate your patience as the volume of requests will dictate how quickly staff will contact you.

3. Available materials requested will be gathered and your Takeout order will be packaged for pickup. If you had any materials on hold ready for pick up when branches closed, these will also be added to your order (excluding holds at Strawberry Hill, Ocean Park, or Port Kells).

4. Staff will contact you to confirm a pick-up time during Takeout operating hours

Please wait for library staff to contact you before coming to the library. Staff will contact you to confirm a pick-up time during Takeout operating hours.

  • Tuesdays between 10am to 4pm 
  • Wednesdays between 1pm to 7pm 
  • Thursdays between 10am to 4pm 
  • Fridays between 10am to 4pm 
  • Saturdays between 10am to 4pm 

5. Collect your items

a. When you arrive at the library, call the branch telephone number.
b. Follow the signs posted to mark the Takeout table location.
c. Staff will bring your Takeout bag to the Takeout table and motion to you when it is safe to approach.
d. Retrieve the bag and take it home.

6. Materials Return

If you have library materials to return, you may bring them at the time of your appointment

7. For your safety

Staff will be collecting materials following safe protocols, including good hand hygiene and frequent surface sanitization. Once you’ve picked up your materials, feel free to leave your package unopened for at least 24 hours, then enjoy!

COVID-19 Disclaimer

  • All materials returned to the library will be held in a 72-hour quarantine before being put back into circulation. Studies have shown the COVID-19 virus can survive up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel. As books cannot be effectively cleaned and disinfected, it may be wise to store books for a minimum of 24 hours before handling them.
  • Patrons should wash hands before and after handling books and other items, avoid touching their faces while reading and avoid sneezing or coughing onto the page while reading.
  • Patrons who are immune compromised or otherwise susceptible to COVID-19 infection are advised to take out items from the library at their own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) For Takeout Service

1. I want to use the Takeout service, but I don’t have a library card. Can I sign up?

Yes - call your local branch or sign up online.

2. How many items can I check out?

10 items per library card. You may be able to take out more children’s books, depending on availability. 

3. How long can I keep my library materials?

You may keep library materials until their due date (Takeout materials are due September 8). 

4. Can I renew my Takeout materials?

No. Takeout materials cannot be renewed but due dates for Takeout materials are extended to September 8.

5. Can I return items I’ve had since before the libraries closed?

Book drops are currently closed. You can bring returns when you come to pick up your Takeout. Or you can call to make an appointment to return items if you don’t want to order Takeout. 

6. How often can I request Takeout?

Once every two weeks.

7. Can I choose my own library items from the catalogue?

You can use our online catalogue to see what items are available at your branch but you cannot place holds. Make note of the items you want and add them to the Takeout form. You can also call us to get advice and recommendations on materials.

8. What can I borrow?

You can borrow books, DVDs, CDs, storytime kits, book club kits, and Superloans. Newspapers, microfilms and other reference materials cannot be borrowed.

9. Can I request items available in other branches or other libraries?

Not now. We hope to offer more services soon.

 10. How long will I wait for Takeout?

Staff will contact people in the order requests are received. How soon staff contact you will depend on how many people are in line ahead of you. Staff are working as quickly as possible and we appreciate your patience!

11. Can I request Takeout if I have overdue fines?

Yes! Library fines are currently suspended. 

12. What happens to my holds? 

If you have any holds on the shelf at a Takeout branch, you’ll receive a notification. Please contact us to arrange a pick-up time. You will not receive any holds waiting in a closed branch (Strawberry Hill, Ocean Park, and Port Kells). You can call us or use the form to request a different item.

13. Can I send a friend, neighbour or family member to pick up my order for me?

Yes. Please tell staff the name of the person picking up your order. You are responsible for any loss or damage to items checked out with your library card.

14. Can I get Home Delivery for READ-Ability materials?

There are currently no home deliveries. If you have a friend or family member who can pick up materials for you, please call your branch to schedule a Takeout appointment.

15. When will the library reopen to the public?

The pandemic is unpredictable and prevents us from guaranteeing reopening dates. We are committed to providing as much service as possible and we are working toward opening some branches to the public after Labour Day.

16. Can I donate items to the library?

No, we are currently not accepting any material donations. We are happy to accept financial donations.

17. Can I return items I borrowed from other libraries including Interlibrary loan?

Yes. Please call us to arrange a return appointment time.

18. How are you disinfecting materials?

All returned materials will be held in a 72-hour quarantine before being put back into circulation. Studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus can survive up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel. The 72-hour quarantine will provide ample time to ensure that trace amounts of virus on books and other materials are eradicated.