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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Why a new website?

This website is now mobile-friendly and readable on any device. More than half our website users use tablets or phones to visit our site.

Our new website also meets higher accessibility standards (WCAG A 2.0). Screen readers and other assistive technology can better use our new website.

How did you decide on changes?

We’ve listened to customer feedback over the past two years to find out what you want from the library’s website. We also consulted website professionals.

How do I find things on the site?

The search box automatically searches the library catalogue for books and other items. To search the website, make sure you hit the button that says “search our website”.

Our homepage has links to events, locations and hours and recommended reads.

Have a question?

Contact us by email or call your local library! Our new site is a big change and we’re here to answer any of your questions or comments.

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