Staff Picks: World War Z

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Friday, September 18, 2020

The audio book is also spectacular.

World War Z, written by Max Brooks, gives a chilling and believable look into what the world would look like mid-apocalypse. The story is written in an interview format from the perspective of a plethora of people around the world who were affected by “The Walking Plague”.

At the very beginning of the book, the narrator reveals he’d collected all the personal accounts for a report to submit to the government post-apocalypse for historical records. However, the government party left out a majority of the interviews and focused only on facts and numbers, stating “the human factor” was unnecessary. Offended by his labor of love being cast aside, he releases his interviews separate from the government report.

Max Brooks does an excellent job of breathing humanity into each of his characters, regardless of their moral choices. The interviewed range from crooked surgeons performing illegal organ transplants and drug smugglers to regular citizens who wanted to protect and preserve their homeland.

The audio book is also spectacular. The author himself lends his voice as the narrator and each character has their own voice actor, including actors such as Mark Hamill, Alan Alda, and John Turturro.

(Submitted by McKenna)

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