Staff Picks: Tweet Cute

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021


Needless to say, I am now an avid Pepperjack shipper!

All I can say is, wow. I really enjoyed the story and the execution is flawless. Most books jump straight into romance and are pretty unrealistic, but the story flowed really well and the two main characters are perfect for each other. Both of them also had their individual interests that didn't come off as too cliche, which I also liked. I literally cannot sing enough praises about this novel!

Pepper Evans is someone I can relate to a lot: people who don't understand her personality see her as competition but she is someone who just wants to do well in school and make some friends. However, she couldn't really open up to anyone because she felt like any vulnerability she showed could be used against her. On the other hand, Jack Campbell always felt overshadowed by his twin brother. It brought to light some of the insecurities that a lot of people including myself felt during high school.

Mild spoiler but I think you find out near the beginning: The Weasel app that the students use to communicate anonymously was such a genius idea to bring Pepper and Jack together and the rivalry on Twitter also provided such great contrast.

Needless to say, I am now an avid Pepperjack shipper! (Submitted by Cindy)

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