Staff Picks: The Solitude of Prime Numbers

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

It's a quick and engaging read

In the novel The Solitude of Prime Numbers, we meet two outsiders Alice and Mattia. Alice's story begins with a traumatic childhood accident that changes the course of her life forever. Meanwhile, Mattia's early beginnings are even more tragic and helps to shape the way his story unfolds. The two paths eventually cross during the turbulent years of high school, matching up these two loners who have had the world against them for so long, but they can now face it somewhat together. 

I really enjoyed the character development as each chapter moves forward throughout the years in these two lives. I found the end to be a bit forgettable however, and not quite the ending I wanted for them, as I felt they deserved better, given the remarkable journey the two have traveled.

It's a quick and engaging read, with a medium payoff at the end, but still worthy of your attention (Submitted by Alan).

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