Art by Sichen Grace Chen at the Fleetwood Branch

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Fleetwood branch is proud to be displaying works by Sichen Grace Chen for the months of November and December.

Sichen Grace Chen
Instagram: @sichengraceart

Sichen Grace immigrated to Canada with her parents at the age of two. Due to her parent’s sacrifice, she had the privilege of choosing her interests, ultimately painting her path as an artist and creator. She has participated in numerous art competitions, such as the Global Peace Alliance Visual Arts Contest and the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, both earning 1st place. For her dedication, particularly in drawing and painting, she has donated pieces to the Social Diversity for Children Foundation and Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School. Grace, a sophomore, currently studies at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Artist Statement:

Empathy and intuition, being my main modes of communication, are deeply rooted in my artwork. Revolving around the universal themes of growth and fulfillment, my work to evoke genuine self-reflection whether that be a minor change in disposition or a drastic shift in global perspective.

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