Art by Juan Vega at the Fleetwood branch

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Friday, September 20, 2019

The Fleetwood branch is proud to be displaying works by Juan Vega for the months of September and October.

Juan Vega

Born in Venezuela and established in Canada since 2007.  Having to leave a country as dangerous as it is beautiful in search of a better future. He has found a new home in Canada where he and his  family can grow. 

Artist and Graphic Designer. Based in the Lower Mainland. Exhibiting his artwork in Surrey and commission work in Europe, Australia, and the Americas. 

Both Digital illustration as well as traditional media projects also creating content on social media.  Tropical influences, Comics, Fantasy Art, Latin culture and his journey through the advertising industry have an influence on his style and use of colour. 

Storytelling is in the main focus of his work and touches on social themes, sometimes political or simply a representation of his experience with life. Symbolism is also found in his themes with the use of colour or metaphoric representations. Currently embracing the arts beyond the field of advertising and production design. 

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