Totally New to Computers

Thu May 16 | 2:00 pm - | Guildford Branch

Free computer classes for beginners offered in four parts. Includes tips on cyber safety or how to be safe while using the Internet.

May 16 - Mousing & Keyboarding

  • Learn how to operate the mouse
    • Practice develop pointing, clicking, drag and drop and scrolling skills.
  • Learn key computer and keyboard basics and learn to work with Microsoft Windows.

May 23 - Computer Basics

  • Learn about the Start menu and how to manage your browser window
  • Learn the basics of Windows
  • Learn about saving, printing, and understanding the basics of the ‘Desktop’.

May 30 - Internet Basics

  • Learn how to find information on the internet​
    • Practice using the library website and online information resources

June 6 - Email Basics

  • Learn the essentials of email: how to open, send, reply, forward, retrieve and delete an email message.
  • Learn how to attach documents and photos.
  • Learn about formatting, labels, and contacts.


Guildford Branch 15105 105 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 7G8

Computer Learning Centre




Registration required. Contact the branch to sign up beginning on Thursday, April 18th.

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