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Start Searching Your Family History

Tue Sep 25 | 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm | Cloverdale Library

A Beginners' Workshop in 5 Lessons

This series of five 3-hour classes was developed by writer and researcher Brenda L. Smith. The classes address each beginning family history researcher's need for guidance in embarking on a very personal journey. From working with their own materials, supporting each other, discovering their particular motives, setting goals for their research, organizing and evaluate their data, and planning the first stage of their individual programs.

Participants must be able to commit to attending all five sessions.

  • September 25 - Lesson 1: Probe the Past - From the Known to the Unknown
    • Discover your personal motivation for compiling a family history, formulate goals for research, and draft an individual time line.
  • October 9 - Lesson 2: Organize - The Second Prime Directive
    • Explore organizational approaches, basic data collection and storage techniques, organize your workbook, and diagram a family tree.
  • October 23 - Lesson 3: Can You Prove That? Verify Your Findings
    • Process documents, discuss evidence and apply standards of proof, and create a family group sheet.
  • November 6 - Lesson 4: Right Forest, Wrong Tree: Interpret Your Findings
    • Build context for your research, and develop techniques for critical analysis of family history data.
  • November 20 - Lesson 5: Pack Your Parachute: The Research Plan
    • Renew your research goals and prepare a plan for continuing research.


Cloverdale Library 5642 176A St, Surrey, BC V3S 4G9

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$100 for the series. Contact branch to register.

Registration not complete until the fee is paid.

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