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What are RSS Feeds?
RSS most commonly known as Really Simple Syndication is a convenient way to keep up with new contents (called RSS feeds or feeds) on your favorite websites. An RSS feed is basically a list that can be subscribed to and read in a news reader which will periodically check for updates. Instead of repeatedly visiting and clicking through various sections of your favorite websites for new information or filling up your email inbox with e-newsletter subscriptions, you can use RSS to have that information pushed directly to your computer.


RSS feeds have been adopted by many blogs, news services like CTV, CBC, CNN, etc. and other government and commercial sites.


An item in an RSS feed usually contains a headline, an excerpt of the story, and a link to the full story.

Benefits of Using RSS Feeds

RSS streamlines communication between publishers and readers and automatically notify you about new information on your favorite websites. Rather than visiting a series of your favorite web sites every day, many users are switching to RSS newsreaders and configuring them to pull latest contents in the form of RSS feeds. It is like having news delivered to your desktop and moreover you don’t need to release your personal information in order to subscribe to RSS feeds.

Getting Started

In order to get, organize and view our RSS feeds, the first thing you need is special software called newsreader or aggregator. There are many options for you, either you can use a web based reader or you can download a reader client on your computer or a mobile device.


Web based newsreaders let you read your RSS feed subscriptions from any computer with internet connection. Downloadable software lets you store your feeds onto your computer or mobile device. Some RSS readers work better on one operating system than others, so you may want to select a reader which compatible with your operating system. There are a variety of different RSS readers available, with different features that you may find useful. Here are some popular RSS readers to choose from:


 Web based

MS Window OS  

  Macintosh  OS 


 Google Reader







 RSS Reader













My Yahoo

Omea Reader


This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list, but if you’re looking for a good RSS reader, these are some great ones to start with.

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Finding RSS feeds

While surfing your favorite blogs or websites look around for one of these symbols  Syndicate content or the phrase “RSS Feeds”.

A few sites that offer directories of feeds:

RSS Network - categorized search engine and directory for RSS feeds.
Bloglines - most popular feeds.
Feedzilla - free RSS feeds by category.
Syndic8 - find RSS and Atom news feeds on a wide variety of topics.
Finance Investing - RSS feeds on finance and investing.
FeedPlex - search RSS or XML feeds.
Feedage - feeding the World Wide Web.
Directory of RSS Feeds - search feeds by subjects.


Further Information

Any of the following sites are good resources to consult for an overview of RSS:

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Google Reader. - For advance users looking for technical articles, tutorials etc.