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Community Services in Surrey

photo of mother holding child and doctor and patient

Find local community services, agencies, organizations and information offered by both the City of Surrey and outside organizations. Live outside of Surrey? Check BC 211 information servicesby United Way for non-profit community services in the Lower Mainland.

Neighbourhood services are available on Community Resource Maps.They are mapped on a city wide scale or by Surrey’s six communities.

See also our Low Cost & Free brochures for information about services and activities that are inexpensive or free in Surrey.

Areas of service:

Groups and associations

Get out and get involved in the Surrey community. Find a club that suits your interests or look at the Surrey Survival Guide for free and low cost goods and services, from Options Community Services.

Clubs and Associations 
Join arts, business or sports groups.

Community Information 
Learn about arts, government and transportation. 

Short and long-term volunteer opportunities.

Plans and strategies

Literacy plans and strategies

Social plans and strategies
Poverty Reduction Project 

Service listings

Find a complete list of community agencies in Surrey in The South Fraser Regional Directory of Services. This directory, also known as The Grey Book, is available at your library and other community agencies. Lower mainland services are available through United Way's BC 211 information services. 

If your community agency is interested in being listed on "Community Connections" email a Librarian.